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Who We Are

Established in the year 1943 by the late Shri P R Viswanathan, Ram-Nath transformed from being a sales agent of products manufactured by Mettur Chemicals to a professional distribution organization handling various specialty chemicals, polymers, and additives.

Ram-Nath understands customer needs across diverse industry segments, such as Automobiles, API, Construction, Transportation, Paper, Printing Industries, etc.

We don’t just supply products; we deliver trust and customer delight.

Ram-Nath believes that young minds usher the future. We provide an ideal platform for young talents to learn and grow their skills. A place where everyone can experience the chemistry of relationships.

Serving the Community For The Past 80 Years

Our Vision

Establish integrity, reliability & entrepreneurship in everything we do through deep expertise & lasting relationships​

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Polymers & Additives


Creating a legacy, since 1943

Discover the history behind the growth and development of Ram-Nath. Listen to each brick whispering the dedication supplied by its employees.

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Inspire with your thoughts, persuade with your actions!

Hari Narayanan, CEO, Ram-Nath